Friday, September 30, 2011

Sealander - A Trailer Camper that Doubles as a Boat

Sealander - Schwimmcaravan - Grenzenlos mobil from SEALANDER - Der Schwimmcaravan on Vimeo.

Checkout the article on Fox News.

World's Worst Parking Attempt

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Free RV Cooking Cookbook for the Kindle eReader

At the time of this writing the RV Cooking Cookbook (Gooseberry Patch Classics) for the Kindle is free on Amazon.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Best Little Campground on Hwy 2 (Washington State)

We want to give a shout out about a wonderful RV Park / Campground that we found in Wilbur, Washington. Country Lane Campground & RV Park is located a short distance from Grand Coulee Dam on Highway 2.

We were traveling late in the evening and desperate for an inexpensive and safe place to put up our tent. We didn't have to utilize their late night check-in, as we were greeted by the owner, Bob Smith. He provided us with a nice, level, grassy place to set up our tent. The cost was $10. Most of the other parks we had checked out on our short trip were charging us the same price that they would charge an RV needing full hookups. We took advantage of their onsite showers @ $1.00 a shower. So we were delighted with the service and the price.

As we were checking in, Bob told us about their RV Room Service. This is a service where they will bring breakfast to your RV door (or tent door). If it hadn't been for the fact that we recently started a vegetarian diet in an effort to lose weight, it sound like an excellent idea. They have an onsite dining "shack", as well as laundry and shower facilities.

While Country Lane is a small park, its services rival those of a large, luxury park. Bob's wife, Linda, does the cooking.Check out their menu and services at

We noticed under the EVENTS page of their website that they are holding a 3rd Annual Dutch Oven Cookoff on September 24th. Sounds like fun! We would love to get back there and participate in the fun!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pike Street Public Market - Seattle

The other day, we had to go to downtown Seattle to take care of some business. We have been trying to get in the habit of taking a daily walk to help us in our efforts to maintain health and lose weight. So we took advantage of the few hours without rain and walked around downtown.

We didn't know where we were going, we just started walking and we came upon the Pike Street Public Market. We have lived in this area for two years now and had driven by it before, but we had never stopped to check it out. What an amazing place!

Fresh seafood and cut tulips were everywhere. All of the seafood there makes the seafood in the meat department of your local grocery store look sick. My wife doesn't even like fish, but she had to admit that the experience made her want to learn how to cook fish. The sights, sounds and smells were amazing.

About once a month, we have to make a trip to downtown Seattle. We are planning on making our walk to Pike Street Public Market a regular event. My wife is off to the library today to pick up some seafood cookbooks to be prepared for our next trip.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drew Barrymore Describes Her First RV Road Trip

Actress Drew Barrymore recounts her first road trip in an RV for Jay Leno.