Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009 - Downtown Seattle & Alki

It has been several weeks since we have been able to have an outing, due to illness, job changes and weather. This time we stayed in our own backyard and just checked out downtown Seattle and Puget Sound. We had a wonderful day, the weather was beautiful! We took the top off the Jeep and cruised around all day long.

From Downtown Seattle Alki

We stopped for lunch in Alki. We dined on fish and chips as we looked across the water to see the Space Needle.

Got lots of pictures to play with in Photoshop, Pam's new passion. She has been taking classes for working in Photoshop and she is really enjoying learning. This picture of the seagull is going to have to go through the Photoshop mill to see if she can fix it so that both the bird and the background are in focus. We will post an update to the picture if she is successful!

From Downtown Seattle Alki

We love the ocean, but everyone keeps telling us that the Sound is not the ocean. Who cares! It seems like an ocean to people who recently moved here from Arizona. We love it!

We really enjoyed downtown Seattle. It looked like there was so much to see, but we weren't feeling up to getting out of the Jeep and walking around. Maybe on another day. It was perfect weather for this type of outing. It is starting to look and smell like fall here in Seattle.

From Downtown Seattle Alki

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