How it all got started

We thought we would share how and why we originally started this blog. We recently moved from Arizona to Washington. In Arizona, we lived near Mike's parents. They always enjoyed going for rides with us, and hearing about the rides we took on our own. When we moved to Washington, we started looking for a way to continue to share our adventures with them.

We already had the RVing Expert website, a site we share information and helps for full-time RVers . We decided that the places and things we were learning  as we tried to share our adventures with our parents might also be useful to "full-timers." Some of the things we were learning we though would also help other full-timers share their adventures with their own families and help them "stay in touch" as they traveled.

We decided that we could start sharing our observations and travel adventures with RVers who wanted to know more about various locations that they could visit. We also thought that a blog would be a good place to review some of the products and services that we use and find helpful in living a portable existence. We have also discovered that this blog format is easier for us to update with this kind of information than it was on the website.

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