About The RVing Expert

Mike driving to Aberdeen, WA

I am Mike Burke, the RVing Expert.  My wife, Pam, and I have owned RVs in the past and have lived the full-time RVing lifestyle. While we are not currently living in an RV, we realize that we have amassed a wealth of information that would help others enjoy their life as full-timers.  My family and I have been RVers since I was a child.  I was also an RV Sales Consultant for about 5 years.

My wife and I use our days off to explore the surrounding area.  As an RV Sales Consultant, I always enjoyed sharing my RVing experiences and expertise with my customers.  Many of my former customers were newbies to the world of RVs and had questions about how to cut their ties and go RVing full-time.  In order to relay some of this information to my customers, I created my website, www.RVingExpert.com, so that my customers could refer to it for more information after they had purchased their rigs.

This blog was created to provide an online journal of our travels as we continue to explore our surroundings, and to supply new and useful tools and ideas to other RVers as we discover them. Most Friday's we can be found out for a day trip.  You can view pictures of their travels by visiting our Travel Gallery.

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