Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 24, 2009 - Mountain Loop Highway Trip

We got a late start yesterday, as I (Mike) had to spend sometime at work before we could head out. When we finally got on the road, our goal was to find a camping spot close to my place of employment. We wanted to find a place where we could go out Thursday night and stay all weekend, and I could just commute from our campsite, as I have to work on Saturday and Sunday.

For our trip today, we headed north to Marysville, Washington, and then over to Arlington, Washington, where we took Hwy 530 to Darrington, Washington. We had a terrific lunch in Darrington at the Glacier Peak Cafe. We highly recommend this little cafe. We started our trek on the Mountain Loop Highway from right in the center of Darrington.


It was a beautiful drive, and we found several campgrounds that would serve our purpose. Some of them had campsites that backed right up to a river. The rates ranged from $14 to $20 a night. We made note of some of campsite numbers that we would want to reserve when the time comes. You will definitely want to make reservations before heading out for one of these campgrounds, as most of the campgrounds were already full on a Friday afternoon. There may not have been people in the sites yet, but all the sites were marked "Reserved".

The first campground we came to was Squire Creek Campground, a county park. There are many campgrounds on the Mountain Loop Highway. Some of the campgrounds that we checked out and decided were to our liking and appeared to have a low bug rating were, Gold Basin, Verlot, Turlo. And we made note of specific campsites within each of these campgrounds in the pictures that we took today.

On our way home, we discovered Lake Stevens. We are just amazed by the number of streams and lakes here in Washington. We are thoroughly enjoying out new home in Washington State. What a beautiful summer we are having. We loved Arizona, but we are so happy to be escaping the Arizona summer heat!

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