Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of the Rain

The last two weeks we have been camped out inside a gorgeous, 5,000 square foot house.  Sounds crazy, but we are sleeping on our air mattresses on the floor and heating water on the stove for showers.  It also has a wireless high-speed internet connection that allows us to keep on "working." Two weeks ago we were camped out at in the Vasa Park Resort on the shore of Lake Sammamish.  It was raining to beat the band.  Our tent started leaking.  We had to obtain and put up a tarp over the tent.  We also ordered a tent heater, but it did not arrive before we wimped out, just as our daughter's new house was closed escrow.

It is a fine house, but needing some cleanup and repairs before they can move in.  So we volunteered to camp out there and do some of the work.  Our being there has helped them out, as they are not having to be there to accomodate workers or people coming by to give them quotes on their services.  It has also helped them out because we are helping with cleaning, painting, yardwork and a little demolition work on the side.  And it has helped us out by getting us out of the cold and the rain.  Our hope is that, by the time the house is ready to move into, the rain will have stopped and a great camping season will be upon us.  But we will be taking extra tarps and our new heater with us . . . just in case.

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